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We couldn't decide if they should be called shoes or booties, so we settled on Shu-Booties !   You've seen them everywhere ranging in price up to $30-40 per pair!   Soft-sole baby shoes are without a doubt the best choice for baby's feet.   They allow their feet to grow naturally and develop muscles and strength.   Flexible soles enable a child to walk naturally; their little toes actually "grip" the floor surface, improving balance and enhancing foot and muscle development.    But why pay so much for shoes that your little one will outgrow so fast??   Shu-Booties start at only $10.00 per pair!


These adorable soft-sole baby shoes are perfect for little ones just learning to walk!   They slip on and off with ease, but are so comfortable, you won't have to worry about your little prince or princess pulling them off (I know from experience!   My 8 month old daughter will leave hers on all day long through naps and all and this is the same peanut that won't leave socks on for more than 5 minutes!).   Whether it's the fabric pattern or the personal non-slip design, each pair is unique in its own way.   Shu-Booties are completely machine-washable.   Please note, Shu-Booties are intended for indoor use only.


Please refer to the photo gallery for all Shu-Booties that are ready to ship immediately.   Special orders are always welcome.   Simply email me with your request.   As with all my items, Shu-Booties are made completely with love and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, so if you are not satisfied with your order, please let me know.       


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